$ cat /boot/armbianEnv.

Each device in separate works as well as all the device (except W5500 ethernet) works together with no problem.

wiznet,w5500 (on spi bus). For the first attempt it returns error -13 (SOCKERR_TIMEOUT).

The documentation of HAL_SPI_Transmit_DMA: does not mention that it will fail if there is already an operation in progress on the SPI bus.

I have to use HAL because our mcu hasn’t any std library.

Ethernet W5500 and SPI slaves. 使用stm32f429的SPI5接W5500,调用了SPI5的DMA通道设置为服务器,PC为客户端。程序使用的是官方下载的驱动,修改了一下驱动,支持DMA。配置上,SPI的配置都是cubemx的默认配置,4分频(22. .

Hardwired TCP/IP stack.

. WIZnet Ethernet HAT : W5100S. 使用stm32f429的SPI5接W5500,调用了SPI5的DMA通道设置为服务器,PC为客户端。程序使用的是官方下载的驱动,修改了一下驱动,支持DMA。配置上,SPI的配置都是cubemx的默认配置,4分频(22.

Hardwired TCP/IP stack. .

Please help to setup W5500 Ethernet board on Armbian (Orange PI Zero).


The W5500 is a TCI/IP embedded Ethernet controller from WIZnet that uses SPI and supports up to 80 MHz speeds. Need for Speed Using STM32 SPI with DMA to W5500.

W5500 suits users in need of stable internet connectivity best, using a single chip to implement TCP/IP Stack, 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY. 更多.

written by James YS Kim.

#include <SPI.


1) First, make sure you include the SPI library in your code. What’s. I’m working on app, which utilizes SPI in DMA mode for communication between STM32F030K6 and Wiz850.

I am porting the code from ATMega128 to STM32F103 for faster throughput to WIZNET W5500 using the. SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) is provided for easy integration with the external MCU. . . c file */ uint32_t current_time = 0; uint8_t tmp = 0; uint8_t ret = 0;.


Solved: Hi, I'm using the w5500 ethernet IC with the psoc5. W5100S Setting.


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The W5500’s SPI supports 80 MHz speed and new efficient SPI protocol for the high speed network communication.

Webserver application with W5500 for things (Non-OS) - WIZ550web/spiHandler.